Transfer Out from Cloudflare

Cloudflare Registrar makes it easy to transfer to another registrar. You can follow the instructions below to transfer your domain out from Cloudflare.


ICANN rules prohibit a domain from being transferred if it has been transferred within the last 60 days or if the WHOIS contact information was modified in the last 60 days (even if redacted).

Unlocking your Domain at Cloudflare

To begin, navigate to the Domain Overview tab in the Cloudflare dashboard. In the card for “Domain Registration” you’ll find a link to Transfer Out. When you select that link, you will unlock the domain and be provided with an authorization code.

Transfer to a New Registrar

At your new registrar, you’ll be asked for the authorization code from Cloudflare (it might be called EPP in some systems). Input the code from the Cloudflare dashboard. Cloudflare will then approve the transfer to the new registrar. You will receive an email from Cloudflare confirming you made the transfer.

If you change your mind, you can relock your domain in the Domain Overview page for up to 5 days. On the 5th day, or when you approve the link in the email, whichever happens first, Cloudflare will process the transfer.