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Scope your configuration

Cloudflare engages with your organization in an initial kickoff call to confirm the scope and timeline for the CNI setup. To prepare for the initial kickoff call, have the configuration data for the type of cross-connect you want to use with CNI ready to provide to your Customer Success Manager.

​​ Private network interconnect (PNI)

To set up a PNI connection, provide the following information:

Cloudflare authorizes the PNI, you place the order, and Cloudflare handles the rest.

​​ Example PNI configuration data

Private peering facilityLink size
Equinix GVA0110G

​​ Virtual Partner Network Interconnect (vPNI)

To establish a vPNI connection, provide the following information:

Use one of our partner’s dashboards to place the order, and the interconnect platform will establish the connection.

​​ Example vPNI configuration data

LocationLink sizeVLANsRate limit