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Equinix Users

​​ Order an Equinix Fabric Connection

After you confirm the locations and speed with your account team, order the Equinix Fabric connections to Cloudflare.

  1. Go to Equinix Fabric
  2. Under I want to connect to:, select A Service Provider.
  3. Under Select a Service Provider, search for Cloudflare > Select.
  4. Select Magic Transit or Cloudflare NaaS. If you are unsure, select Cloudflare NaaS which can be used to configure any service.
  5. Under Origin > Connect Using, select your port.
  6. Under Destination, select your location. If the location you want is not listed, contact your Cloudflare account team to request a new location under the Interconnect Anywhere program.
  7. Under Connection Information > VLAN ID, enter a VLAN ID. Cloudflare chooses its own VLAN ID and Equinix Fabric maps between the two. To use the same VLAN ID as Cloudflare, ask your account team for Cloudflare’s VLAN ID and they will provide it.
  8. Select Next and then Submit Order.

Cloudflare will accept the connection and your account team will contact you to establish the BGP session.