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Network Interconnect
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The Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) onboarding process, from scoping to going live, typically takes 10-15 business days.

Onboarding diagram

Throughout the onboarding process, Cloudflare partners closely with your organization to accomplish the following:

Scope your configuration

Starting with an initial kickoff call, Cloudflare engages your organization to confirm the scope and timeline for setting up CNI.

Customer requirements: At the kickoff call, be prepared to provide the configuration data for the type of network cross-connect you want to use with CNI.

Configure the network cross-connect

To configure the cross-connect, the Cloudflare Infrastructure uses information provided by you to generate a Letter of Authorization (LOA)/service key.

Duration: 1–2 weeks.

Customer requirements: The resulting LOA/service key is provided to you so that you can accomplish these steps:

  • Order cross-connects at the locations the LOA specifies.
  • Verify when the cross-connects are complete.

Once you have provided verification, Cloudflare assigns IP addresses to use with the cross-connect (assuming you are not using an Internet exchange point for the cross-connect).

Configure Cloudflare BGP

During this phase, Cloudflare validates BGP sessions over the cross-connect.

Duration: Approximately 1 week.

Go live

Cloudflare engages your team to confirm connectivity.