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Project Cybersafe Schools

Learning path

Prevent children from accessing obscene or harmful content over the Internet. Go to Project Cybersafe Schools to apply.

Start path

Modules: 4   Reading time: 30 min

​​ Concepts

Learn the technical concepts behind Project Cybersafe Schools.

Start module

Contains 4 units

​​ Account Creation

Get started by creating a Cloudflare account and initializing the Zero Trust and Area 1 dashboards.

Start module

Contains 3 units

​​ Onboarding Area 1 Email Security

Continue securing your environment by protecting against email phishing attacks.

Start module

Contains 2 units

​​ Onboarding Cloudflare Gateway

Now that your Cloudflare environment is ready and you have established a foundation of the technical concepts behind Project Cybersafe Schools, you are ready to test and onboard your DNS traffic.

Start module

Contains 7 units