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Challenge Solve Rate (CSR)

The Challenge Solve Rate (CSR) is the percentage of issued challenges — Legacy CAPTCHA, JS Challenge, or Managed Challenge actions — that were solved. You can find the CSR of a rule by going to its corresponding dashboard page:

  • For firewall rules, go to Security > WAF > Firewall rules.
  • For custom rules, go to Security > WAF > Custom rules.
  • For rate limiting rules, go to Security > WAF > Rate limiting rules.
CSR = number of challenges solved / number of challenges issued

This metric helps you evaluate your rule’s effectiveness, as well as whether you need to make any adjustments to the rule’s criteria or action.

​​ Common scenarios

The CSR provides an indication of automated traffic:

  • If you see a high CSR (above 3%), you might want to reevaluate the criteria of your rule to prevent human visitors from receiving challenges.
  • If you see a low CSR (below 3%), you likely do not need to adjust your rule but may still want to review its CSR periodically.
  • If the rate is close to 0%, your rule is only acting on automated traffic. Consider changing the rule action to Block.