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​​ WordPress plugin is undetected on Cloudflare dashboard

The WordPress plugin may go undetected on your Cloudflare dashboard for a few reasons.

  • Versions older than 3.8.2 of the WordPress plugin are installed.
    • Solution: Install version 4.4.0 of the WordPress plugin.
  • Version 3.8.2 of the plugin is installed but existing cache plugins return stale responses, for example, without cf-edge-cache header.
    • Solution: Enable APO from the WordPress plugin and purge the cache in the existing cache plugins.
  • WordPress only runs on a subdomain, but WordPress and the WordPress plugin check against the apex domain.

If your Cloudflare dashboard can’t detect the WordPress plugin after trying the solutions above, ensure you completed all of the steps listed in Activate the Cloudflare WordPress plugin.

​​ WordPress returns stale content

If WordPress is returning stale content, purge the cache when APO is enabled.