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Verify APO works

You can check whether or not APO is working by verifying APO headers are present. When APO is working, three headers are present: CF-Cache-Status, cf-apo-via, cf-edge-cache.

  1. Visit
  2. In the text field, enter the URL for your WordPress homepage including the https://www..
  3. Select Start test. The Response Headers table displays.
  4. Locate the three header responses and their description. APO is working correctly when the headers exactly match the headers below.
  • CF-Cache-Status | HIT
    • The cf-cache-status header displays if the asset is served from the cache or was considered dynamic and served from the origin.
  • cf-apo-via | tcache
    • The cf-apo-via header returns the APO status for the given request.
  • cf-edge-cache | cache, platform=wordpress
    • The cf-edge-cache headers confirms the WordPress plugin is installed and enabled.

​​ Verify the APO integration and WordPress integration work

Open your WordPress site and publish a change. When the integration is working, the page is cached with cf-cache-status: HIT and cf-apo-via: tcache