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Data origin and collection

Web Analytics relies on the performance.getEntriesByType('navigation') object to collect metrics about page load performance. If Navigation Timing Level 2 is not supported, then performance.timing (Level 1) is used.

Refer to the W3C Processing Model for a visual depiction of the sequence of timing events for web page loads.

​​ Data collection and reporting

Web Analytics collects the minimum amount of information - timing metrics - to show customers how their websites perform. Cloudflare does not track individual end users across our customers’ Internet properties.

The Web Analytics performance beacon loads from You may need to update your Content Security Policy (CSP) settings to load this script.

Beacon data is sent to https://<yourdomainname>/cdn-cgi/rum for sites proxied through Cloudflare or for sites not proxied through Cloudflare. Core Web Vital metrics are reported when the visibilityState is hidden for the first time after the page load event is triggered.