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Version Management
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Enable Version Management

By default, Version Management is not enabled on a zone.

To enable Version Management:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Select your account and zone.
  3. Go to Version Management.
  4. Select Enable versioning.

Once you enable Version Management, Cloudflare will automatically create:

  • Version Zero, think about this as the configurations of your current zone. Part of your products currently visible in the navigation are going to be displayed under Versions and the other ones under Global Settings. Once default environments are created, Version Zero is automatically deployed to them, guaranteeing no disruption in your live traffic. This Version is also permanently editable. In case you decide to disable Zone Versioning, Version Zero will become your zone again.
  • Global Settings, you can find all the settings here that are not supported by Version Management.

On the Environments page, you can create default environments for Production, Staging, and Development.

​​ Disable Version Management

There is no option on the UI to disable Zone Versioning. To disable it, contact Customer Support.