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Get started

Spectrum is available on all paid plans. Pro and Business support selected protocols only, whereas Enterprise supports all TCP and UDP based traffic.

If you have feedback, let us know.

Add your application

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Click Spectrum.
  3. Click Create an Application. If this is your first time using Spectrum, the Create an Application modal appears.
  4. Under Domain, enter the domain that will use Spectrum.
  5. Under Edge Port, enter the port Cloudflare should use your application.
  6. Under Origin, enter your application's origin IP and port.
  7. If your application requires the client IP and supports Proxy Protocol, enable Proxy Protocols. Proxy Protocol is a method for a proxy like Cloudflare to send the client IP to the origin application.
  8. Click Add.

You can now proxy traffic through Cloudflare without additional configuration. As you run traffic through Cloudflare, you will see the last minute of traffic from Spectrum in the dashboard.

View traffic

To view traffic running through Cloudflare, click Spectrum from your dashboard.