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Settings by plan

Certain fields in Spectrum request and response bodies require an Enterprise plan. To upgrade your plan, contact your account team.

Spectrum properties requiring an Enterprise plan:

origin_dnsobjectMethod and parameters used to discover the origin server address via DNS. Valid record types are A, AAAA, SRV and empty(both A and AAA).
A request must contain either an “origin_dns” parameter or an “origin_direct” parameter. When both are specified the service returns an HTTP 400 Bad Request.
“origin_dns”: {“type”: “A”, “name”: “”, ttl: 1200}
origin_portintegerThe destination port at the origin.22
proxy_protocolstringEnables Proxy Protocol to the origin. Spectrum supports “v1”, “v2”, and “simple” proxy protocols. See Proxy Protocol for more details.“off”
ip_firewallbooleanEnables IP Access rules for this application.true
tlsstringType of TLS termination for the application. Options are “off” (default, aka Passthrough), “flexible”, “full”, and “strict”. See Configuration Options for descriptions of each.“full”
Review the Spectrum API documentation for example API requests.