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Cloudflare measures the following metrics for every connection.

countCount of total events1000Count
bytesIngressSum of ingress bytes1000Sum
bytesEgressSum of egress bytes1000Sum
durationAvgAverage connection duration1.0Time in milliseconds
durationMedianMedian connection duration1.0Time in milliseconds
duration90th90th percentile connection duration1.0Time in milliseconds
duration99th99th percentile connection duration1.0Time in milliseconds

​​ Additional dimensions

You can divide your analytics further by the following dimensions.

eventConnection Eventconnect, progress, disconnect, originError, clientFiltered
appIDApplication ID40d67c87c6cd4b889a4fd57805225e85
coloNameColo NameSFO
ipVersionIP version used by the client4, 6

​​ Operators for filtering

Use the operators below to filter data.

OperatorNameURL Encoded
!=Does not equal!%3D
>Greater Than%3E
<Less Than%3C
>=Greater than or equal to%3E%3D
<=Less than or equal to%3C%3D

Combine filters using OR and AND boolean logic:

  • AND takes precedence over OR in all expressions.

  • The OR operator is defined using a comma , or the OR keyword surrounded by whitespace.

  • The AND operator is defined using a semicolon ; or the AND keyword surrounded by whitespace.

​​ Analytics request structure

  • METRICS is one or more metrics (such as count) to compute
  • DIMENSIONS can be used to break down the data by given attributes
  • FILTERS used to filter rows by one or more dimensions (see Filters section below)
  • SORT is the sort order for the result set; sort fields must be included in METRICS or DIMENSIONS
  • TO_TS is that end of time interval to query, defaults to current time
  • FROM_TS is that start of time interval to query, defaults to TO_TS - 6 hours
  • STEP is used to select time series resolution when using endpoint:
  • auto or omitted - selects time step most appropriate to time interval
    • year
    • quarter
    • month
    • week
    • day
    • hour

​​ Analytics query example

curl -X GET "{zone_id}/spectrum/analytics/events/summary?metrics=count&dimensions=event,appID&since=2018-01-01T16:57:00Z" \
-H "X-Auth-Email: [email protected]" \
-H "X-Auth-Key: 0000" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

Refer to the Spectrum API documentation for more examples of API requests.