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Configure a Logpush Destination

First consult the Logpush Destination docs to see what destinations logpush supports. After picking a destination, the docs will also show how to correctly format the destination URL for Logpush.

Next, follow the Manage Lopush with cURL tutorial to validate your Logpush destination and define a Logpush job.

A few notes on using Logpush with IDS:

  • Magic IDS is an account-scoped dataset. This means the string /zone/<ZONE_ID> in the Cloudflare API URLs in the tutorial should be replaced with /account/<ACCOUNT_ID>.

  • Consult the Magic IDS Detection fields doc to know what fields you want configured for the job.

  • When creating the Logpush job, the dataset field should equal magic_ids_detections.

  • Timestamps by default are unixnano. Consult the Logpush Options docs to see what format you can choose that will be compatible with your destination and/or expectations. Note that all options must be added after all fields you want from the Logpush job, akin to URL parameters.