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Use Logpush with IDS

You can use Logpush with Magic Firewall IDS to log detected risks:

  1. Consult the Logpush Destination docs to learn about what destinations Logpush supports. The documentation will also instruct you on how to correctly format the destination URL for Logpush.

  2. Follow the Manage Lopush with cURL tutorial to validate your Logpush destination and define a Logpush job.

​​ Notes on using Logpush with IDS

  • Magic IDS is an account-scoped dataset. This means the string /zone/<ZONE_ID> in the Cloudflare API URLs in the tutorial should be replaced with /account/<ACCOUNT_ID>.

  • Consult the Magic IDS Detection fields doc to know what fields you want configured for the job.

  • When creating the Logpush job, the dataset field should equal magic_ids_detections.

  • Timestamps by default are unixnano. Consult the Logpush Options docs to learn what format you can choose that will be compatible with your destination and/or expectations. Note that all options must be added after all fields you want from the Logpush job, akin to URL parameters.