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Custom TURN domains

Cloudflare Calls TURN service supports using custom domains. Custom domains do not affect any of the performance characteristics of Cloudflare Calls TURN.

ProtocolCustom domainsPrimary portAlternate port
STUN over UDP3478/udp53/udp
TURN over UDP3478/udp53 udp
TURN over TCP3478/tcp80/tcp
TURN over TLSNo5349/tcp443/tcp

​​ Create a CNAME

To use custom domains for TURN, you must create a CNAME DNS record pointing to Do not resolve the address of or or use an IP address as the value you input to your DNS record. Only CNAME records are supported.

Any DNS provider, including Cloudflare DNS can be used to set up a CNAME for custom domains. If Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS service is used, the record must be set to DNS-only or “grey cloud” mode.

There is no additional charge to using a custom hostname with Cloudflare Calls TURN.