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IP geolocation

IP geolocation adds the CF-IPCountry header to all requests to your origin server.

Cloudflare automatically updates its IP geolocation database using MaxMind and other data sources, typically twice a week.

​​ Availability




​​ Add IP geolocation information

The recommended procedure to enable IP geolocation information is to enable the Add visitor location headers Managed Transform. This Managed Transform adds HTTP request headers with location information for the visitor’s IP address, such as city, country, continent, longitude, and latitude.

If you only want the request header for the visitor’s country, you can enable IP Geolocation.

To enable IP Geolocation in the dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account and go to a specific domain.
  2. Go to Network.
  3. For IP Geolocation, switch the toggle to On.
To enable IP Geolocation with the API, send a PATCH request with ip_geolocation as the setting name in the URI path, and the value parameter set to "on".

​​ Report an incorrect IP location

If you find an incorrect IP location, consider the following: