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Routing, Cron Triggers and deployments

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​​ Routing, Cron Triggers and deployments

After creating your first Worker, explore some available features. All available Workers features are documented under Configuration in the Workers developer documentation.

​​ Routing

Set your Worker to run on a specific path by learning which routing option is right for you in Routes and domains.

​​ Cron Triggers

Configure your Worker to run on a schedule with Cron Triggers. As you read in module 1, Workers execute when a request invokes the fetch() handler defined in your Worker code. Cron Triggers allows your Worker to execute on a schedule set by you, rather than being invoked by a web request. This is ideal for running periodic jobs, such as maintenance windows or calling third-party APIs to collect up-to-date data.

​​ Deployments

Review your deployments and rollback to a previous version of your Worker with Deployments.