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Best practices for IRR entry updates

To add or update an IRR entry, use one of the routing registries listed in the Internet Routing Registry.

Suggested registries are AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, NTT, RADB, and RIPE.

​​ Updating IRR entries

If you own your own subnet, use the RIPE and APNIC routing registries. These registries allow you to verify subnet ownership.

If you lease your subnet, follow these guidelines:

  • When you do not need ownership verification, use the AFRINIC or NTT routing registry.
  • When you submit a route object via email, use the ARIN registry. Address blocks owned by others do not appear in the ARIN interface.

​​ IRR Entry instructions

Each routing registry has its own set of IRR entry instructions. This table provides links to those instructions.