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Understanding Billing for Add-on Services

​​ Overview

For some Cloudflare subscriptions and services, you will be charged based on how much a feature was used during your previous billing period. This differs from other services, which are a prepaid flat fee for the upcoming month (e.g. plans, page rules, etc.).

For example, if your billing date is March 15 and you enabled Cloudflare Workers in the dashboard on March 1, your March 15 invoice will include the Workers charges from March 1-15. The next invoice on April 15 will include charges for Workers usage between March 16 and April 15.

​​ Usage-Based billing notifications

To monitor the usage of Cloudflare add-ons, you can enable email notifications. When enabled, you will receive a notification to the billing email address on file when the traffic, queries, requests, or minutes watched exceed your desired threshold.

Usage Based Billing

Who is it for?

Customers who want to receive a notification when the usage of a product goes above a set level.

Other options / filters

You can choose the product that you want to be notified about and the threshold that fires the notification. Thresholds depend on the product chosen.

For example:

  • Argo Smart Routing has Notify when total bytes of traffic exceeds as a threshold.
  • Load Balancing has Notify when total number of DNS Queries exceeds as a threshold.

Included with

Professional plans or higher.

What should you do if you receive one?

Review your product usage and adjust the configuration and/or increase the alerting threshold.

Refer to Cloudflare Notifications for more information on how to set up an alert.

​​ Billing for Cloudflare Apps

Many apps within Cloudflare Apps are free and you will not be billed for them.

All paid apps within Cloudflare Apps are billed monthly. You are charged monthly for each domain for which you have purchased and installed an app.

When you remove an app you are not refunded for the remainder of the final month, but can reinstall the app at any time during that period to resume using it.