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What is Wrangler?

Wrangler is a command-line tool for building and managing Cloudflare’s Developer Platform, including Cloudflare Workers, R2 Storage and Cloudflare Pub/Sub.

​​ Authenticating Wrangler

To use Wrangler with Pub/Sub, you’ll need an API Token that has permissions to both read and write for Pub/Sub. The wrangler login flow does not issue you an API Token with valid Pub/Sub permissions.

To create an API Token that Wrangler can use:

  1. From the Cloudflare dashboard, click on the profile icon and select My Profile.
  2. Under My Profile, click API Tokens.
  3. On the API Tokens page, click Create Token
  4. Choose Get Started next to Create Custom Token
  5. Name the token - e.g. “Pub/Sub Write Access”
  6. Under the Permissions heading, choose Account, select Pub/Sub from the first drop-down, and Edit as the permission.
  7. Click Continue to Summary at the bottom of the page, where you should see All accounts - Pub/Sub:Edit as the permission
  8. Click Create Token, and copy the token value.

In your terminal, configure a CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN environmental variable with your Pub/Sub token. When this variable is set, wrangler will use it to authenticate against the Cloudflare API.

$ export CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN="pasteyourtokenhere"

​​ Pub/Sub Commands

Wrangler exposes two groups of commands for managing your Pub/Sub configurations:

  1. wrangler pubsub namespace, which manages the namespaces your brokers are grouped into.
  2. wrangler pubsub broker for managing your individual brokers, issuing and revoking credentials, and updating your Worker integrations.

The available wrangler pubsub namespace sub-commands include:

$ wrangler pubsub namespace --help
Manage your Pub/Sub Namespaces
wrangler pubsub namespace create <name> Create a new Pub/Sub Namespace
wrangler pubsub namespace list List your existing Pub/Sub Namespaces
wrangler pubsub namespace delete <name> Delete a Pub/Sub Namespace
wrangler pubsub namespace describe <name> Describe a Pub/Sub Namespace

The available wrangler pubsub broker sub-commands include:

$ wrangler pubsub broker --help
Interact with your Pub/Sub Brokers
wrangler pubsub broker create <name> Create a new Pub/Sub Broker
wrangler pubsub broker update <name> Update an existing Pub/Sub Broker's configuration.
wrangler pubsub broker list List the Pub/Sub Brokers within a Namespace
wrangler pubsub broker delete <name> Delete an existing Pub/Sub Broker
wrangler pubsub broker describe <name> Describe an existing Pub/Sub Broker.
wrangler pubsub broker issue <name> Issue new client credentials for a specific Pub/Sub Broker.
wrangler pubsub broker revoke <name> Revoke a set of active client credentials associated with the given Broker
wrangler pubsub broker unrevoke <name> Restore access to a set of previously revoked client credentials.
wrangler pubsub broker show-revocations <name> Show all previously revoked client credentials.
wrangler pubsub broker public-keys <name> Show the public keys used for verifying on-publish hooks and credentials for a Broker.

​​ Create a Namespace

To create a Namespace:

$ wrangler pubsub namespace create NAMESPACE_NAME

​​ Create a Broker

To create a Broker within a Namespace:

$ wrangler pubsub broker create BROKER_NAME --namespace=NAMESPACE_NAME

​​ Issue an Auth Token

You can issue client credentials for a Pub/Sub Broker directly via Wrangler. Note that:

  • Tokens are scoped per Broker
  • You can issue multiple tokens at once
  • Tokens currently allow a client to publish and/or subscribe to any topic on the Broker.

To issue a single token:

$ wrangler pubsub broker issue BROKER_NAME --namespace=NAMESPACE_NAME

You can use --number=<NUM> to issue multiple tokens at once, and --expiration=<DURATION> to set an expiry (e.g. 4h or 30d) on the issued tokens.

​​ Revoke a Token

To revoke one or more tokens—which will immediately prevent that token from being used to authenticate—use the revoke sub-command and pass the unique token ID (or JTI):

$ wrangler pubsub broker revoke BROKER_NAME --namespace=NAMESPACE_NAME --jti=JTI_ONE --jti=JTI_TWO

​​ Filing Bugs

If you’ve found a bug with one of the wrangler pubsub [...] commands, please file a bug on GitHub, and include the version of wrangler you’re using with wrangler --version.