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​​ What messaging systems are similar?

Messaging systems that also implement or strongly align to the “publish-subscribe” model include AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service), Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Redis’ PUBLISH-SUBSCRIBE features, and RabbitMQ. If you have used one of these systems before, you will notice that Pub/Sub shares similar foundations (topics, subscriptions, fan-in/fan-out models) and is easy to migrate to.

​​ How is Pub/Sub priced?

Cloudflare is still exploring pricing models for Pub/Sub and will share more with developers prior to GA. Users will be given prior notice and will require beta users to explicitly opt-in.

​​ Does Pub/Sub show data in the Cloudflare dashboard?

Pub/Sub today does not support the Cloudflare dashboard. You can set up Pub/Sub through Wrangler by following these steps.

​​ Where can I speak with other like-minded developers about Pub/Sub?

Try the #pubsub-beta channel on the Cloudflare Developers Discord.

​​ What limits does Pub/Sub have?

Refer to Limits for more details on client, broker, and topic-based limits.