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Magic Network Monitoring
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Cloudflare Magic Network Monitoring

Detect and receive notifications about attacks based on traffic flows.
Available on all plans

Magic Network Monitoring provides visibility into your network traffic by analyzing network flow data sent from a customer’s routers. Magic Network Monitoring supports NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, IPFIX, and sFlow.

Enterprise customers can use Magic Network Monitoring with Magic Transit on-demand to monitor their network, identify volumetric DDoS attacks, and activate Magic Transit on-demand to mitigate those attacks.

​​ Features

​​ Rules

Create rules to configure the threshold for data flowing from your network.

​​ Magic Transit integration

Magic Transit On Demand customers can use Magic Network Monitoring to enable DDoS mitigation when a DDoS attack is detected.

​​ Notifications

Set up notifications to learn about an attack.

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