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Cloudflare Notifications

Cloudflare Notifications help you stay up to date with your Cloudflare account. Manage your Notifications to define what you want to be warned about and how, be it a denial-of-service attack or an issue with your server.

The available Notification features vary according to your plan:

  • Free plans can set up email-based Notifications.
  • Business and higher plans can also access PagerDuty.
  • Professional and higher plans can also use webhooks.

Where to find the Notifications section

Notifications are available in your Cloudflare dashboard. After logging in to your account, click Notifications on the top right of the menu in your account home page. Here you can create notifications for different scenarios, edit notifications previously set up, and enable or disable notifications.

Where to find the Notifications section

What to do when receiving Notifications

Go to our Types of Notifications section to know more about what each Notification does and what do to when receiving one.