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How we do it

Cloudflare uses the following automations to streamline our documentation process.

​​ Content maintenance

At Cloudflare, we use several automations to reduce the cost associated with content maintenance.

AutomationPurposeImplementationRuns when
Internal link checkingEvaluates all internal links to make sure they are in the current build. Increases cross linking while reducing maintenance cost.GitHub ActionsEvery commit
External link checkingEvaluates external links for broken links or links that redirect to another location.SEO crawlerWeekly
Header link checkingEvaluates anchor links within our docs to make sure they resolve correctly.GitHub ActionsEvery weekend
API docs link checkingEvaluates links to our API docs.GitHub ActionsEvery weekend
Unused images checkFlags images that are in our resources, but not currently referenced in our documentation.GitHub ActionsEvery month

​​ Reporting

AutomationPurposeImplementationRuns when
Label PRsAdds and updates labels related to the content subfolder and size of a pull request. Useful for rollup reporting and team self-assignment.GitHub ActionsEvery commit

​​ Contributor resources

The following resources help contributors and stakeholders when they are making changes to our documentation.

AutomationPurposeImplementationRuns when
Build checkVerifies that our docs site builds correctly.GitHub ActionsEvery commit
Show before/after linksProvides a comparison table that shows the current page in production and the changed page in a preview build.GitHub ActionsEvery Pages build
Flag needed redirectsComments with a list of changed or deleted files that might need a redirect.GitHub ActionsEvery commit
Validate redirectsVerifies whether the commit adds conflicting or invalid redirects.GitHub ActionsEvery commit
Spell checkFlags issues with spelling, casing, or insensitive language.GitHub ActionsEvery commit