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The WARP Client application uses a VPN profile and/or service that enables us to intercept and secure your DNS queries and to transmit data from your device through the Cloudflare network, depending on the services you have enabled. We only collect limited DNS query and traffic data (excluding payload) that is sent to our network when you have the app enabled on your device. All information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

​​ What does Cloudflare do with your data?

When not part of a Cloudflare for Teams organization, Cloudflare stores the absolute minimum amount of data we believe is required to provide the service. We will not sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose your personal information to anyone except as necessary to provide our services or as otherwise described in our Privacy Policy without first providing you with notice and the opportunity to consent. We do not use the data to identify who you are or what you are doing on the Internet beyond the exceptions below. We do not store any data except as set forth in our Privacy Policy. Such data may include: your app installation ID, the amount of data transferred through Cloudflare’s network, and your average speed when you are using the WARP Client application.

​​ How Cloudflare Uses User Data:

​​ Registration ID

Cloudflare uses a random identifier generated when you install the app to give you referral bonuses for referring the app to others.

​​ Data Transferred

Cloudflare tracks the amount of data your WARP installation has transferred to keep track of your WARP+ usage. When you refer friends to WARP, this quota is increased.

​​ Average Speed

Cloudflare uses this data to understand how much faster the WARP Client application is making your Internet connection. Knowing this information helps us improve the application in your region and on your mobile carrier or Internet provider.

​​ Aggregate Usage

Cloudflare tracks the aggregate amount of traffic by website and by region. Knowing this information helps Cloudflare plan better when we should build future data centers.