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Cloudflare provides analytics to show the performance benefits of Argo Smart Routing.

You can access Argo analytics for your domain in the Cloudflare dashboard at Analytics > Performance. For information on all analytics in the dashboard, refer to Analytics.

​​ How it works

Analytics collects data based on the time-to-first-byte (TTFB) from your origin to the Cloudflare network. TTFB is the delay between when Cloudflare sends a request to your server and when it receives the first byte in response. Argo Smart Routing optimizes your server’s network transit time to minimize this delay.

​​ Types of analytics

The dashboard displays two different views for performance data:

  • Origin Response Time: A histogram shows response time from your origin to the Cloudflare network. The blue bars show TTFB without Argo, while the orange bars show TTFB where Argo found a Smart Route.

  • Geography: A map shows the improvement in response time at each Cloudflare data center.

    • A negative value indicates that requests from that location would not have benefited from Argo Smart Routing, so instead would have been routed directly.