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Network Error Logging
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View Reports

Use NEL reports to view information such as:

  • Why a request failed
  • The country a request failed from
  • The last mile network a request failed from
  • The Cloudflare data center the request was most likely meant for
  1. Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Select Analytics & Logs > Edge Reachability.

Click a tab under Reachability summary to view specific information related to your Origin ASN, Origin, IP, or data center. Hover over a location on the map to view the number of reachable requests.

Under Reachability by data center, click a location under Data Centers to filter reachability by a specific location.

​​ Run a traceroute to origin

Run a traceroute from a specific data center to an origin IP to for information on the number of packets sent and the amount of time it took.

  1. Under From, choose a data center.
  2. Under To, choose an origin IP.
  3. Click Run.

The results display in a table below, and you can optionally export the data to a .CSV format by clicking Export as CSV.

To view the log fields available for NEL, refer to NEL reports.