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Manage sources

You can approve sources to send emails from your domain. If you mark a source as approved, that source will be added to your SPF record automatically. On the other hand, if you mark it as unapproved, it will be automatically deleted from your SPF record. When you feel confident that you have covered every source that is legitimately sending emails from your domain, Cloudflare can help you set your DMARC policy to quarantine or reject, so that potential targets stop receiving emails from impersonators.

Under Top 10 Sources you have access to lists of approved or unapproved sources sending email on your behalf, and how they fared relative to different policies.

To approve or disallow a third party source:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account and domain.
  2. Select Email > DMARC Management.
  3. Go to Top 10 sources.
  4. Select the Approved or Unapproved columns depending on whether you want to check for sources that are approved or unapproved to send emails from your domain.
  5. Find the third party you want to change, and select the three dots next to it.
  6. Select Mark as approved or Mark as unapproved.
  7. Confirm your choice.