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Cloudflare Technical Architecture Content

All the documents in this section are designed to help you understand how Cloudflare and its products are designed and architected. These documents help you understand how you can leverage our platform to create solutions based on your business needs.

Reference architecture documents and diagrams are designed to provide a foundational knowledge of the Cloudflare platform and products. Building on the information in these documents, you can architect software solutions based on your specific context and needs.

We start with high level overviews of the Cloudflare network and platform, and further reference architectures focus on specific technology areas such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) or Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Design guides take your knowledge from a reference architecture and walk through the conceptual decisions and directions you should take to implement a specific solution. They do not replace our product documentation, but instead provide guidance on the decisions you should make given a certain solution you are trying to deploy.

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