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Understand Cloudflare invoices

You will receive an invoice in the Billing section of your Cloudflare account when you:

  • Change your Cloudflare plan type
  • Upgrade or downgrade to or from a paid plan
  • Add a new domain to a Cloudflare account
  • Enable or renew a subscription or add-on service

For any historical invoices not included in the Billing section, contact Cloudflare support.

​​ Enable email invoices from Cloudflare

To enable Cloudflare invoice emails, which are sent when you add or remove subscriptions from your account:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account.

  2. Select Manage Account > Billing.

  3. Select Invoices & Documents.

  4. In the Billing email preferences card, toggle the notification switch to On.

Once enabled, you will receive invoices via email:

  • within one business day of initial set-up
  • every month at the end of your billing period
  • within one business day for all new purchases

​​ Download invoice

To download your Cloudflare invoice:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account.

  2. Select Manage Account > Billing.

  3. Select Invoices & Documents.

  4. Find the invoice you want to download and select the icon next to the invoice number.

​​ Billing cycles

Monthly and annual billing subscriptions run on different billing cycles.

The first monthly purchase on a Cloudflare account sets the billing date for the following monthly subscriptions. The same behaviour occurs for annual subscriptions.

You can have two different billing cycles on your account, one for a monthly subscription and another for an annual subscription.

​​ Troubleshooting your invoice

​​ Change in billing contact information

If your billing contact information has changed, update your Cloudflare email address as soon as possible.

​​ Change in Cloudflare subscription or account

The invoice data corresponds to the date your Cloudflare account changed. You are charged immediately for the plan, additional domain, or add-on service. An invoice will be available on the Cloudflare dashboard within 24 hours of the account change.

Billing periods are 30 days. Payments for all recurring monthly costs are processed on the last day of the billing period. Invoices are generated the same day and will appear in the Billing section of the Cloudflare dashboard within 24 hours.

​​ Cloudflare invoice without company name

To add your business or company name, VAT ID, or Tax ID/EIN on an invoice, add the company name when updating billing information.

​​ Inconsistent invoice and payment amounts

If your Cloudflare payment is past due and you order additional services, the past due amount will be added to your invoice. This may cause inconsistencies between the invoice and what you see in the Cloudflare dashboard. Once the account is current, the amounts in the Cloudflare dashboard will update.