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Account members

On any Cloudflare account, you can collaborate by adding members to your account and assigning them access via one or several policies.

Every policy has three parts:

  1. The actor
  2. The role
  3. The scope

Refer to the resources below to configure policies to ensure that you can assign only the necessary access permissions to your account members.

​​ Resources

  • Manage: Granting access to others on your account is done with several sets of data principles:
  • Policies: Policies define what access a given user has to your account or domains, and are constructed out of three parts:
  • Roles: Whenever you add a new member to your account, you can assign policies to those users and make use of the available roles. Roles can only ever be assigned to their given scope and multiple roles can be assigned to a given policy.
  • Role scopes: Scopes are one of three constituent parts of a policy that allows granting of access to users.
  • Set up SSO