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Manage domains

A domain or domain name is the location of a website or application, or what an end user types into their browser to get to your website (

​​ Get a domain name

You can get domain names for your website from a variety of places, such as through popular website builders or dedicated registrars.

Cloudflare also offers an at-cost registrar service to purchase new domain names or manage existing domain names.

​​ Host your domain

A web host keeps your website online so visitors can reach it via the domain name.

Cloudflare does not offer web hosting for most websites, though you can deploy and host JAMstack sites with Cloudflare Pages.

​​ Add a domain to Cloudflare

For help adding a domain to Cloudflare, refer to our setup guide.

Once you finish adding your domain, you likely will want to also update your domain’s nameservers to get Cloudflare’s performance and security benefits.

​​ Get free SSL certificates

Cloudflare offers free, unshared, publicy trusted Universal SSL certificates to all Cloudflare domains.

​​ Manage subdomains

For more details about subdomains ( or, refer to Manage subdomains.