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Customer abuse report obligations

Cloudflare permits any interested party to submit abuse reports directly to Cloudflare via

Abuse reports may be submitted for suspected copyright or trademark infringement, illegal, or harmful content (for example, child sex abuse materials), technical abuse (for example, phishing or malware), or other reasons.

You may receive an abuse report from our Trust & Safety team if an abuse report identifies a URL for a domain associated with your Cloudflare account. If you do not provide or monitor an abuse contact, Cloudflare will send abuse reports to your hosting provider.

Our Trust & Safety team sends abuse reports to the domain owner or the abuse point of contact on your account.

To assist with timely resolution and avoid potential service interruptions:

  • Confirm that the administrator email address associated with your account is actively managed and monitored for potential abuse report notifications.
  • Consider using a mailing list email address that goes to multiple people or teams within your organization instead of the email address for an individual person.
  • Respond to any abuse report notification within 24 hours. In your response, include any information that you believe will be relevant to Cloudflare in its assessment of the abuse report. Failure to respond in a timely manner or to address the concerns in the abuse report may result in the removal or blocking of reported content, websites, or apps and suspension or termination of Cloudflare services for the associated account.