Cloudflare Warp

Quick note before we start - Cloudflare Warp is a beta feature (i.e. some behaviors might change and we don’t recommend production use). During the beta, Warp is free to use, and enabled beta users can launch up to two concurrent tunnels per domain. Having said that, welcome to the beta! If you have any ideas, run into any odd behaviors or want to share what you build with Warp, the Warp dev team is following the feedback forum here.

Cloudflare Warp exposes applications running on your local web server, on any network with an Internet connection without:

  • Adding DNS records
  • Configuring the firewall
  • Configuring the router
  • Opening ports

Cloudflare Warp is perfect for NATted environments such as a home or office network, or to allow inbound traffic into egress-only services.

It’s one command to spin Warp up and run from any web server.

$ cloudflare-warp --hostname warp.example.com http://localhost:8000
INFO[0000] Starting metrics server                       addr=
INFO[0007] Registered at https://warp.example.com

Ready to get started? Follow our quickstart. Want to learn more? Read on.


Runs anywhere: To expose your web server to the world, all you need is the Cloudflare Warp binary and access to the Internet. Because the tunnel to the Cloudflare edge is established by an outbound TLS connection, it works through NAT environments (e.g. a home or office network) without having to configure port forwarding, or in cloud computing environments with ephemeral IP addresses.

Automatic DNS configuration: If your origin IP changes frequently (e.g. running a server in the cloud or on a home network) you would normally have to update your DNS records manually or using the Cloudflare API. Let Cloudflare Warp take care of it instead.


Encrypted connections: All connections established by Cloudflare Warp to the Cloudflare edge are secured by TLS and strictly validated by our edge servers. There is no need to buy a certificate or generate one from Cloudflare Origin CA or Let’s Encrypt. Certificate pinning further ensures that your connection to the Cloudflare edge cannot be compromised by a MITM attack or rogue CA.

Reduced attack surface: The design of Cloudflare Warp allows it to work through restrictive firewall policies that reduce your exposure to attackers. Block inbound connections completely, allowing only connections to Cloudflare servers.


Improved latency: Cloudflare Warp is powered by Argo, Cloudflare’s smart routing solution that reduces latency on average by 35%.

You connect to your closest Cloudflare PoPs while Argo routes traffic from anywhere in the world through the quickest possible route. Performance is improved by sending data through established, secured connections.

Modern protocols: HTTP/2-based technologies further accelerate your connection to the Cloudflare network while minimizing the number of connections from your server.

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Easy setup: Get started with Cloudflare Warp in minutes. Follow our getting started guide to learn more.