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OkHttp 2.2.x integration


The Cloudflare SDK 2.x supports OkHttp v2.2 and above. To use OkHttp2 with the Cloudflare SDK, use Cloudflare.createOkHttpClient() method. To create an instance of OkHttpClient, use

OkHttpClient client = CFMobile.createOkHttpClient();

instead of using OkHttp as below:

OkHttpClient client = new com.squareup.okhttp.OkHttpClient();

Note that OkHttp 2.2.x is not supported in Android SDK 3.0.0 and above.

OkHttp UrlConnection

To use Cloudflare SDK with OkHttp UrlConnection, use CFOkUrlFactory to open a connection to an URL. Example:

// Create the URL factory</dt>CFOkUrlFactory factory = new CFOkUrlFactory();</p>
// Open the URL connection</p>HttpURLConnection conn = URL(""));