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Mobile SDK
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Where do I sign up?

Visit this page to sign up for the SDK and get started on Metrics Mode.

Do I need to sign up for a Cloudflare account?

No. You don't need a Cloudflare account to download the SDK and use Metrics Mode.

Do I need to use any of Cloudflare's security or performance features to use Metrics Mode?

No. You are able to use Metrics Mode completely independent of Cloudflare’s other product offerings.

Does the SDK collect personally identifiable data?

Privacy is, and was, top of mind as we built this. The SDK does not collect any persistent identifiers (UDID, IDFA, etc.), and we will never sell the data we collect to any third party.

Can I use my existing Cloudflare account to sign up for Metrics Mode?

Not yet. We are still working on it.

Is your SDK open source?

No. At this time both Metrics and Acceleration Modes are not open source.

Will the SDK slow down my app if I integrate?

No. Integrating Cloudflare’s Mobile SDK will not slow down your app. The SDK is lightweight and adds a minimal dex count/binary size to the app APK or IPA. In fact, the SDK will help you identify what outgoing network requests are slowing your app down.

I am interested in Acceleration Mode. Where I do learn more?

Acceleration Mode is currently in early access. If you are interested in trying Acceleration mode, please contact us.