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Configure an HTTP policy

Before you start

The Cloudflare Gateway L7 firewall will intercept and inspect all HTTP and HTTPS traffic over ports 80 and 443. The inspection of HTTPS traffic requires breaking the TLS connection between the user and the origin server. Cloudflare Gateway presents a certificate to the user and securely connects to the origin on their behalf; however, this requires the Cloudflare certificate to be installed and trusted on each user's device.

Setup your first HTTP policy

  1. On the Teams dashboard, navigate to the Policies tab.

  2. Select the HTTP tab.

Gateway first http policy

  1. Select Add a Rule.

Gateway first http policy

  1. Configure the Selector, Operator, and Value(s) to match against.
  2. Select an Action to perform if the expression matches HTTP traffic.
  3. Select Create Rule.

The rule is inserted at the bottom of the list of rules when more than one rule is present. Rules are enabled by default and take effect as soon as the rule is created.

Administrators are able to create up to 50 rules in their HTTP policy.

Check out the L7 firewall reference section for more information about configuring rules and supported filtering criteria.

Enable L7 filtering

In the settings (Gateway → Policies → Settings) page, click the toggle to enable filtering once clients have been deployed and certificates installed. If you do not enable filtering, your rules will not apply.

Do not enable filtering without first configuring certificates on the devices enrolled, otherwise you will prevent those devices from connecting to the Internet.