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Cloudflare Gateway is a modern next generation firewall — a way to ensure that your team members are protected from malware and follow your organization's policies wherever they go online. Cloudflare Gateway, part of Cloudflare for Teams, protects teams from security threats without sacrificing performance.

Using Cloudflare Gateway, you can protect users wherever they are from security threats on the Internet. Once you setup Cloudflare Gateway, the Gateway DNS filtering service will inspect all Internet-bound DNS queries, log them and apply corresponding policies. Enterprises can protect their users’ internet traffic and prevent corporate data loss by connecting to Cloudflare with the Cloudflare for Teams client.

Anyone and everyone can use Cloudflare Gateway. All you need is a Cloudflare Account to get started. If you need help creating a Cloudflare Account, head to our Help Center article.

Start using Cloudflare Gateway today by visiting our Teams dashboard.