Serverless - How we got here and why it’s the future

September 2, 2019

Join us for two talks at Cloudflare’s Singapore office.

Talk 1: Serverless - How we got here and why it’s the future

Serverless is new, but when we look at the hosting trend in technology, we can see that it’s been a long time coming. We’ve gone from on-prem monoliths to cloud functions - and that’s no accident. The evolutions we’ve made have had their tradeoffs, but they’ve mostly been big improvements. Join Connor as he explains the history of how apps used to be deployed - and how Serverless moves us forward as developers.

Speaker Bio:

Connor Peshek works in Developer Relations at Cloudflare. He lives in an off-grid box truck and likes playing music, building, and gaming.

Talk 2: A tale of diversifying your product through internationalization

Diversity isn’t just about the hiring process; it should be reflected in the product and the product’s code. Internationalization brings diversity to your product by forcing you to think about how users are consuming your product outside of your region. For example, will your CSS break when a translated word is longer than the original word? Or does your UI make no sense when copy needs to be read from right to left? Join me as I talk about how we’ve internationalized Cloudflare and the impact it’s making on designers, developers, and our customers.

Speaker Bio:

My name is Millie Chan. I’ve worked in many places, from toxicology and biofuels laboratories for the Department of Energy, to IT, and then finally full-stack development for the last 2 years. I’m currently a front-end developer at Cloudflare while acting as a freelance watercolour illustrator and printmaker on the side.


18:00 - Doors open, drinks & snacks, networking 18:30 - Talk 1, Q&A 19:00 - Talk 2: TBA 19:30 - Dinner, networking 20:00 - Event conclusion