August 22-23, 2019
Portland, US

Join the Developer Relations team for RustConf 2019 conference. We’ll be speaking at and sponsoring the conference and we hope to see you there.


  1. OPENING KEYNOTE - August 23 - Steve Klabnik

RustConf kicks off with an update on all things Rust.

  1. WEBASSEMBLY - August 22 - Ashley Williams

In this workshop we’ll walk you through a practical introduction to writing Rust-generated WebAssembly. We’ll start from a basic Rust crate and work towards compiling, packaging, and publishing it to npm. From their we’ll work on integrating our WebAssembly with other JavaScript code, bundling it for the browser with WebPack. Along the way we’ll touch on important best practices for testing, debugging, and profiling your WebAssembly code.

  1. RUST FOR BEGINNERS - August 22 - Steve Klabnik

Learn everything you need to get started writing Rust programs. The tutorial puts a focus on Ownership and Borrowing, which are the key techniques that Rust uses to achieve both safety and low-level performance.

This class assumes no prior knowledge of Rust, though programming experience in some other language would be helpful.

Participants should bring their own laptops. Additional machine setup instructions will be sent ~1 week prior to the training.