Austin August Serverless Meetup

August 14, 2019
Austin, US

Join us for 2 serverless talks in Austin!

Talk 1: Breaking out of containers with a new serverless architecture

Let’s chat about our approach to serverless: how using the V8 engine and running user functions in isolates decreases overhead and eliminates cold starts. Let’s talk about how we leverage JS APIs and features like WebAssembly to allow you to run the code you need, where you need it.

Speaker bio: Kas Perch (they/their/them) is a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare by day, and a Twitch Code/Hardware streamer, IoT author, and gamer by night. They love talking about serverless architecture, Web Assembly, IoT and its implications, and a myriad of other topics. They’ll also totally show you a million pics of their 2 cats if you let them.

Talk 2: Serverless applications at the edge

“Serverless” is all about focusing on your code and not having to think about physical servers. Unfortunately, your code still has to run on a server somewhere, and where those servers are located can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your application. So why would you want to run your code in a single region when your users may be all over the world? In this talk we’ll explore running serverless applications on an edge computing platform, what that means for your application architecture, and what sort of benefits truly global deployment can bring.

Speaker bio: Jake Riesterer (he/him/his) is an engineer on the Cloudflare Workers team. As an exceptionally lazy developer, he’s thrilled that serverless is making managing, scaling, and maintaining infrastructure a thing of the past, and he’s doing everything an exceptionally lazy developer can do to make that happen.


6:00 pm: Doors open, snacks & networking

6:30 pm: Talk 1 kickoff, Q&A

7:00 pm: Talk 2 kickoff, Q&A

7:30pm: Snacks & networking

8:00 pm: Event conclusion