Serverless Workshop with Cloudflare Workers

August 13, 2019
Austin, US

In this workshop, we’ll start by walking through the anatomy of a Workers application and say hello. Then, we’ll step-by-step work to call other Workers applications in order to light up a Raspberry Pi! The topics covered will be:

Setting up Wrangler and creating your first Workers application

Using query request parameters in your Workers application

Using fetch() in your Workers application

Using npm modules in your Workers application

Prerequisites: Basic command-line knowledge, Node or Rust installed

About the instructor

Kas Perch (they/their/them) is a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare by day, and a Twitch Code/Hardware streamer, IoT author, and gamer by night. They love talking about serverless architecture, Web Assembly, IoT and its implications, and a myriad of other topics. They’ll also totally show you a million pics of their 2 cats if you let them.


6:00 pm: Doors open, snacks & networking

6:30 pm: Workshop kickoff

7:45 pm: Workshop conclusion - Post-event discussion & networking

8:00 pm: Event conclusion