Cloudflare Workers Workshop: Developer Experience with Serverless

March 19, 2019
San Francisco, US

Getting started with Cloudflare Workers at is incredibly easy. But how do we build production ready apps with all the components of a mature development process? Join us as we walk through how the Access team at Cloudflare organizes a project, does unit testing, sets up stages and environments, deploys, logs, monitors, instruments and integrates to continuous integration/deployment!

Bring your computers for the workshop portion (optional)

Speaker Bio:

Jonathan Spies is the Engineering Manager for the Cloudflare Access and Tunnels teams, which allows Cloudflare customers to serve and secure their services at the edge. Prior to Cloudflare, Jonathan co-founded and served as Architect and CTO at Bypass Mobile, a payment and point of sale system for enterprise users. He was an early adopter of the Serverless Framework, building huge portions of Bypass’ cloud on serverless technologies.


6:00pm - Doors open, snacks and networking

6:30pm - Workshop talk: Developer Experience with Serverless

7:00pm - Workshop time

8:00pm - Conclusion