Make Your Existing Application Serverless with React, Graphql and Cloudflare Workers - Developer Week Talk

February 21, 2019
Oakland, US

Join the Developer Relations team for Developer Week SF Bay Area. We’ll be tabling and speaking at the conference and holding developer-facing events alongside. We’ll hope to see you there.

Conference Talk: Thursday, February 21, 2:00pm-2:50pm, Grand Ballroom Stage A

Most startups begin with a monolith and REST APIs, and they inevitably migrate to microservices and API gateways. While this speeds up backend development, it really doesn’t do much for frontend productivity and that’s why companies like Facebook, Twitter, Github and many more have moved to GraphQL and React.

Whether you are still using a monolith or have already migrated to microservices + API gateway, this workshop will teach you how to how to migrate your existing REST APIs to GraphQL, leveraging Cloudflare’s serverless computing platform.

About the speaker:

Sevki Hasirci, Systems Engineer, Cloudflare

Sevki Hasirci is a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, working on developer tools, his day to day responsibilities are making developers more productive.