Security: the Serverless Future - Serverlessdays Talk

January 30, 2019
Cardiff, UK

Join the Developer Relations team for Serverlessdays Cardiff. We’ll be tabling and speaking at the conference. We’ll hope to see you there.

Conference Talk: Wednesday, January 30, 14:55-15:20

Security: the Serverless Future

Does security have to come at a cost of performance and maintenance? Your security is only as strong as the weakest human link and their patience and diligence in following proper protocols. Serverless computing is the future of how complex software systems and their security will be designed and built. This talk will demonstrate several migration cases that Serverless technology can already help with today.

Some modern hosting platforms don’t give you enough access to deploy certain security features. Let’s say you would like to use security headers like Content Security Policy and Strict Transport Security, mange bot traffic, or do some advanced multi-factor authentication; that can be a struggle and consume many resources in your current infrastructure. With futuristic serverless platforms, such solutions can be deployed in seconds.

About the speaker:

Olga Skobeleva, Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare

Olga Skobeleva helps build the future of the Internet as a Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare. She developed her first website at 8 years old which was about an anime called Sailor Moon. Before getting a computer science degree in Finland she also studied law including cybercrime. Her web development experience and passion for law led her to a career as a security network engineer. During her CS studies, she got the top female score in the Cisco Networking Academy 2014 CCNA NetRiders Skills Competition for Northern Europe. Along with bringing her expertise on web security and performance, she became a technical customer advocate within Cloudflare, ensuring customers’ success on the Cloudflare platform.