Real World Serverless - London

September 18, 2018

Join us for four talks about Serverless technology.

Talk 1: How big is the cloud landscape?

Description: A brief history of cloud computing, and its future. How big is the serverless architecture market and what is its impact on web development?

Speaker Bio: Henry Heinemann works on Cloudflare’s Go to Market Strategy team, forming a liaison between the sales and engineering team to help create, and bring to market, new exciting products such as Cloudflare Workers.

Talk 2: GraphQL on the Edge

Description: An introduction to GraphQL on Serverless. We’ll talk about the benefits of running GraphQL (and other API gateway patterns) on the Edge (the performance benefits batching and so on).

Speaker Bio: Sevki Hasirci is a Systems engineer at Cloudflare, working on developer tools, his day to day responsibilities are making developers more productive.

Talk 3: Real-world Serverless Development

Description: We’ll start with a non-trivial web app, and will use the Serverless framework to build a new feature with Workers for A/B testing or marketing analytics.

Speaker Bio: Stephen Pinkerton is a Product Manager at Cloudflare working on new products and integrating Workers with the Serverless framework. He studied computer science at UC Santa Cruz and previously did internships spanning distributed systems and embedded software at Square, Nest, Facebook, and Monzo.

Talk 4: Making Static Sites Dynamic

Description: Static websites are incredibly fast but offer the same content to all users. Let’s explore add how to add dynamic features to static sites such as geo targeting, restricting access, A/B testing and then analyze all the data they produce, without a server.

Bio: Paddy Sherry is Lead Developer at Group and a Web Performance enthusiast with an interest in Serverless Computing. They build performance marketing websites and tools.


6:00pm: Doors Open, mingling + food + drinks

6:30pm: Talk 1: How big is the cloud landscape? - 20 minutes + Q&A

7:00pm: Talk 2: GraphQL on the Edge - 20 minutes + Q&A

7:30pm: Talk 3: Real-world Serverless Development - 20 minutes + Q&A

8:00pm: Talk 4: Making Static Sites Dynamic - 20 minutes + Q&A

8:30pm: Event conclusion