Developer Week Conference Talk: Better, Faster, Stronger: Web Acceleration, Mobile Network Optimization, and Adding Features on the Edge

June 20, 2018 - 10:00 am - 10:50 am

About 10% of all Internet requests flow through Cloudflare’s network. In addition to providing performance and security for over 7 million websites, Cloudflare exposes our entire infrastructure via a standard programmatic interface.

In this talk, we’ll cover:

-Improving mobile app performance, especially over spotty network connections (mobile SDK)

-Access control at the edge (Cloudflare Access)

-How to write JavaScript that runs on Cloudflare’s edge (Cloudflare Workers)

-Write plugins that other people can install onto their websites (Cloudflare Apps)

-If you could leverage 151+ data centers worldwide, what would you build?

About the Speaker:

Jade Wang is Head of Developer Relations at Cloudflare. Previously, she co-founded, and was employee #5 at Meteor. Her Ph.D. is in neuroscience, and she had been a post doctoral researcher at NASA Ames Research Center. In a past life, she’s also a classically trained musician, poet, and martial artist.