Architecture for Network Failure, Developing for Mobile Performance

May 10, 2018

Whether you’re building an e-commerce app or a new mobile game, chances are you’ll be needing some network functionality at some point when building a mobile app. Network performance can vary dramatically between carriers, networks, and APIs, but far too often mobile apps are tested inconsistent conditions with the same decent network performance. Fortunately we can iterate on our apps by collecting real-life performance measurements from your users; however, unfortunately existing mobile app analytics platforms only provide visibility into in-app performance but have no knowledge about outgoing network call.

This talk will cover how you can easily collect vital performance data from your users at no cost and then use this data to improve your apps reliability and experience, discussing the tips and tricks needed to boost app performance.

About the Speaker

Junade Ali is a software engineer who is specialised in computer security and software architecture. Currently, Junade works at Cloudflare as a polymath, and helps make the Internet more secure and faster; prior to this, he was a technical lead at some of the UK’s leading digital agencies before moving into architecting software for mission-critical road-safety systems. Junade remains engaged in the academic computer science community and produces research on computer security and combinatorics.