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Mail Trace

Mail Trace allows you to search through and view all emails that have been processed by Area 1, whether or not they were marked with a detection disposition.

You would commonly use Mail Trace to review whether and when an email passed through Area 1, as well as what Area 1 communicated to the following mail provider.

​​ Use Mail Trace

To access Mail Trace in the dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Area 1 dashboard.

  2. Select the Search bar.

  3. Select Detection Search and then select Mail Trace.

  4. Fill out one or more of the following variables:

    • Subject
    • Date Range
    • Recipient (email address)
    • Sender (email address)
    • Message ID
  5. Based on your search, you can review the requested information, as well as the assigned Disposition.

  6. For additional details about metadata and Area 1 processing and forwarding, select View.