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Detection Search

Detection search allows you to search through and view all emails that Area 1 has marked with a detection disposition. All messages include the raw message with its headers, as well as any associated Area 1 dispositions and processing information.

You would commonly use Detection Search to get visibility into why and when Area 1 marked a message with a specific disposition.

To access Detection Search in the dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Area 1 dashboard.
  2. Select the Search bar.
  3. Enter anything related to a specific detection (for more guidance, refer to search tips).
  4. Review the results.
  5. To view the information contained in an email, including a protected preview and the raw SMTP headers, select Details. You can also Download a message.

​​ Search tips

​​ Parameter filtering

To search for specific values in one of the available parameters, format your search to be:


For example, you might search for final_disposition:MALICIOUS. Refer to our reference material for a full list of dispositions.

​​ message_id

For normal queries, spaces split search terms into different values. For example, billing statement would look for all messages that contain both billing and statement.

However, spaces, quotations, and other characters are sometimes part of the message_id parameter. To ensure these values are included as part of filtering on the message ID, you should prefix the message_id value with message_id.

For example, the following query would find all messages that contain the terms billing and statement and have a message_id equal to <Amazon aws [email protected]>.

billing statement message_id:<Amazon aws [email protected]>

​​ Additional notes

When searching for phrases, some terms — such as words less than three characters and certain escape words like and, the, then, their — are not tokenized. Our search will automatically ignore these terms, both in your search query and in the proposed results.